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Leisure Cooperative

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The Idle Hours Company
The Idle Hours Company

The new worker co-operative for Dawdlists.

Here at the Idle Hours Company we have a mission to provide meaningful and responsibly-made products that help you live the way you want to live. You create the life you want to live. It's a simple phrase, but do you get it?

You CREATE (dream and manipulate) the LIFE (how does your day-to-day look like, feel like) you WANT (desire for, fulfills you, is helpful and full of meaning) to LIVE (ongoing, iterative, change-able).

So, we have a certain way that we imagine, design and create that we share with you. As a company I aim for Idle Hours Co. to be 100% employee owned. This gives all of that opportunity to them to be able to live their lives the way that they want to and contribute to building something meaningful along the way.

Leisure Cooperative is a movement to create more freedom in our lives, to work and create, and share and reciprocate. To make ownership available to all who want to commit to throwing away work-life balance and just have balance. To be open and vulnerable about of needs and desires, and be able to look at work as a means to making a living, and a life.

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The Idle Hours Company
The Idle Hours Company
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The Idle Hours Company
The Idle Hours Company